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Meet India’s youngest Influencer Marketer, PR in F & B Krina Gindra with a Never Give up Attitude who is a blogger as well


Meet India’s youngest Influencer Marketer, PR in F & B Krina Gindra with a Never Give up Attitude who is a blogger as well

krina gindra
Krina Gindra is a blogger, student, PR in F & B and in all probability, India’s youngest Influencer Marketer in economic sector who has been an insight for young generation by only 18 years of age. She is an influential and an ambitious youngster who is currently working in the influencing marketing segment and also in public relation division with a never give up attitude. With a dream of creating the identity, she likes to work in management areas. Now a day, most of the teenagers are eventful in hanging around with friends by a way of living a happy-go-lucky life, but she had made up her mind to be a different individual in her age. A multi tasking girl managing her studies, blogging, PR and influencing marketing make her different.

Early Life
Krina has developed her ardent interest in Public Relations because of Mr. Irfaan Siddhiqui who is the role model for her. Mr. Irfaan Siddhiqui has pushed her and encouraged her to put up her career into Public Relations zone along with his helpful supervision. Krina has at all times been a determined and ambitious girl who desired to be an independent individuality. Her family members were unheard of her professional works at first but with the time, they supported her to breathe with her dreams.

Educational Qualification
Krina Gilla is studying as a 1st year B.Com student in Nagindas Khandwala College and side by side she is also preparing for company secretary. She is studying company secretary 1st year. Even though her educational field is quite different as she is into the influencers marketing and public relations, she is planning to become a company secretary and also a successful marketing personality. It is quite difficult to handle both ends as both the fields are different. She says, “It is my father’s dream to become a company secretary, so for him this is something which I can do” not keeping her passion behind, hence she is handling the both.  After 5 years, she wants to lead a better and sorted life where she can practice her profession and passion with a start up of her own venture namely ‘The KoolFlame’.

Professional Career
Krina has started her professional career at the age of 16 only, by working as an Ambassador Head at Paisawapas.com. She handled about 40 campuses Ambassador and managed campus marketing while promoting Paisawapas.com. Previously, she worked as an Ambassador POPxo campus and she thought of becoming a blogger as well. Despite the fact that her professional career affected her studies, she wants to accomplish her passions and dreams.
Krina is currently working as a freelancer PR officer of some restaurants in Mumbai like 4 Bro’s Pizza, Zaika at Bhayandar West Lume bar and kitchen, The Boston Cupcakery etc. She is also as an influential marketer who influences others by campaigning marketing managing at different places. She is also setting up for starting up her own line-up in future. She does not accept as true of any short cuts rather she believes in facing the destitution. Krina wants to work in public relation sector as she executes her professional works really quick and she has the immense interactions with different people.

Personal Life
Krina Gilla belongs from a classic Gujrati family and she is a Kutchi Jain living in Mumbai. She said, “My strength is being me and my family along with the person who stood with me during my bad and good times. The experiences and struggles were the greatest teachers I ever got. My weakness is being emotionally weak and at times quite lazy. Her journey till now started with ups and downs.” She had to go throughout a lot of difficulties, problems and hardships but she never gave up. Being a girl, she had to heed the communal advices from people, she was judged for her choice of occupation but she believes that if we want to get something then we have to be beaten a bit. She believes that her professional works have affected her personal life because she could not give her moment in time to the essential things but she wants to build her own career by making her family proud. 

Social Media of Krina Gindra:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/krinagindra
Facebook: www.facebook.com/krinagindra
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/krina gindra21
Blog: www.krinagindra.com
Snapchat: krina21zacholic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/krina_gindra

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