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Twiiter reacts to desi microblogging site Tooter

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Twiiter reacts to desi microblogging site Tooter


 ‘Make in India’ has been the craze as of late and seems like everyone is trying their hand to bring Indian alternative for every hit thing in the world. First there were talks of Mitron, the Indian alternate to the worldwide hit social networking app, TikTok. Then there was FAU-G, introduced by none other than Akshay Kumar himself, following the ban on the much-loved PUB-G. Now, there is Indian substitute of another social media giant – Twitter – and it’s called Tooter.

Now, you might not have heard of it yet but it seems like Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have already made their way to the platform.


Like everything else happening these days, Twitterati was quick to react to this new instalment of the ‘Make in India’ series and it is, as always, hilarious. Take a look at what Tweeples said about Tooter. 






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