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NoVaccineNoExam Trends on Twitter amidst Second Wave


NoVaccineNoExam Trends on Twitter amidst Second Wave


There is no denying that the second wave of COVID-19 infections is hitting India, and it’s hitting India hard! Daily new cases are at an all-time high, with the number crossing the worrying 2,00,000 mark on 14th April 2021. In the light of these rising cases, people are urging the government to cancel board examinations as it could lead to a devastating spread of the virus among students. While CBSE board cancelled 10th class exams and postponed 12th class examinations, most boards across India have not made a decision on cancellation or postponement yet. Soon, #NoVaccineNoExam became one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter. Take a look at what people had to say about the matter on the social media platform.

Evidently, many people want examinations to be cancelled or at least postponed during these worrying times. Relevant authorities must make an informed and well-thought decision on conducting the examinations.


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