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How to Find the Lowest Airfares ?

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How to Find the Lowest Airfares ?

You can Google ‘how to book cheapest flight tickets’ and scroll through dozens of articles, but seldom will you come across one that provides you with the right ways. But fret not! As here you will find three of the best ways to grab the lowest airfares. Let’s begin:
Book Early
This is perhaps the most conventional yet the most effective way of making sure that you do not overspend on your flight tickets. As the flight date approaches, the airfare begins to soars and can even cost you manifolds the original price. Always try to book about two to three months in advance as that is when the flight ticket prices are at their lowest. Planning well in advance also allows you the time to research thoroughly, compare and zero in on the best flight booking deal available for you.
Have Flexible Travel Dates/Time
Although this option might not always be at your disposable, but whenever you can, analyse the Vistara air tickets booking prices for several different dates. Mid-week flights are typically the cheapest ones, while the weekend flight tickets can dig a hole in your pocket. Moreover, late-night and early-morning flights are also more affordable than mid-day flights.
Choose LCC
LCCs are low-cost carriers and they provide you with the cheapest flight tickets. However, in return, you might have to compromise on some amenities. For instance, an LCC might offer you lower free baggage allowance, no or paid in-flight entertainment options, no in-flight meal and more. So, get your priorities straight and then choose whether you want to make an IndiGo flight booking, which is one of India’s most preferred airlines, or wish to go with a full-service carrier like Air India.
These are the best ways to find the cheapest flight tickets. Next time you book IndiGo, Vistara, GoAir or SpiceJet flight tickets, keep these in mind.

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